Skid Steers & Tractors with 40 attachments

  • Mowing, mulching, rototilling of leases and ditches, blackening of flare stacks, snowplowing

KX-057 Mini-Excavator

650 Crawler

3-5 Ton Trucks and 20’ – 36’ Trailers

Trash Pumps with Hoses

  • Water Transfer from leases


  • Journeyman insulators and Helpers with Trucks Fully Tooled

Sub-Contract Battery Operators

BC Certified Power Saw Hands


Quality Service Guaranteed: 403.845.5878

DDR Steam & Pressure Washing

Equipment & Services

Equipment & Services

Equipment & Services

DDR Steam & Pressure Washing is a family run oilfield maintenance business providing services to the oil & gas sector since 1995.  Darlene McMillan, Doug McArthur and Rodney Wold got their first job operating a backhoe on a Phelps Rig for Dan Nanninga, Consultant, Petro-Canada. In 1998, Rodney chose to leave DDR to pursue other avenues of work.  Doug & Darlene spent the next 3 years, working for Mike Prilchuk, Consultant, Petro-Canada, Doug operating a DDR loader on a Phelps rig which took them all over Alberta. They took on a new area of work with Mike providing equipment for river crossings in the Crowsnest Pass.

They then turned their focus on the downstream sector purchasing their first steam truck. Art Herman gave them their first job washing the second biggest land rig in Canada near Nordegg. Washing 24 hours a day, for 3 weeks in -28, their truck and employees were the only ones that endured the weather and hard work to finish the job.

DDR’s cliental continued to grow, they then purchased their first steam/vac combo 4x4 truck, concentrating on providing trained, efficient and safety minded employees for their clients. They have since then continued to grow and expand their operations in all areas of oilfield maintenance to provide a complete start to finish service to their clients.

Steam Vac (2m3 & 5m3) Combo 4x4 Single Axle Trucks 

  • DOT Safety Certified
  • 412 Spec vacuum Tanks are inspected every 6 months

Picker Trucks with or without Maintenance Crew

Gravel Truck or Sander

  • For contaminated soil removal from leases
  • Gravel hauling
  • Sanding of roads and leases